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Property of Matter


Boyle's Law Apparatus, Advanced, 250kPa

Product Code: 1672300


Boyle's Law Apparatus, Advanced, 400kPa

Product Code: 1672200


Bucket & Cylinder, Big Painted

Product Code: 1652503


Bucket & Cylinder, Small Chrome Plated

Product Code: 1652501


Bucket & Cylinder, Small Painted

Product Code: 1652502


Capillary Tube Apparatus

Product Code: 1664200


Communicating Vessel on Wooden stand

Product Code: 1657700


Communicating Vessel, Glass Part Only

Product Code: 1657701


Cylinders Metal, 30x10mm, Set of 6

Product Code: 1691401


Cylinders Metal, 40x10mm, Set of 6

Product Code: 1691402


Elastic Materials Kit

Product Code: 1691100


Geometrical Models, Set of 12

Product Code: 1693203